Sarah Leigh Katz

Product Designer based in Tel Aviv, Israel

For more details please contact me via the website.

Why do I love what I do?

Humans are complex and fascinating. Moments and experiences are the fabrics of our life.
I get to combine humans and experiences in the digital realm, where people spend a substantial amount of their time. My goal is to create moments of value and delight.

I mostly like to paint designs with logic, fun and clarity,



Multiple Positions

2013 – Present

Over the past 4 years, I’ve performed multiple positions at WalkMe, a B2B Saas company providing UX solutions. My UX experience includes:

  • Creating the Product Personas
  • Conducting Usability Tests with Customers and Internal Users
  • Wireframing and designing product features
  • Reviewing the UX of solutions provided to customers
  • Stretching the product limits to provide better business solutions for customers


UXV at John Bryce

UXV User Experience Certification program

2016 – 2016

Ruppin Acadamic Center

BA in Business Management and Information Technologies

2011 – 2014